Welcome to the website for the support of David Warren, his wife Kathy and their five young children. David was a New Orleans Police Officer (NOPD) who, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina evacuated his family and reported for police duty in the city of New Orleans.


On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Most individuals around the country watched from their television set, the images of a city under siege, with thousands of people trapped in their homes, in shelters and hospitals without power or water with temperatures that soared above 100 degrees. During the next five days (August 29 – September 2), the City Government in New Orleans was totally overwhelmed, State Government was indecisive in bringing State resources into the city, while the Federal Government was relegated to sideline observer. Federal troops did not begin arriving in New Orleans until mid-day on September 2, 2005 – after the events which are the subject of David Warren's federal indictment. David was indicted five years later on civil rights and murder charges.


David was assigned to guard a police sub-station in a strip mall amidst widespread lawlessness in the city. Two days after Katrina hit the city a fellow NOPD officer had been shot in the head as he tried to stop looters from breaking into a Chevron station. Looters had set fire to the nearby Oakwood Shopping Mall.


After encountering two looters and sending them on away without their stolen merchandise, a stolen Firestone truck abruptly pulled up outside the strip mall where David stood guard. Two occupants quickly opened the vehicle doors and moved towards the entrance causing David to shout "Police, Get Back, Police, Get Back". Concerned that one of the occupants had a weapon and in fear for his life, he had to make a split second decision as they quickly continued towards him. He fired one shot, but thought that he missed because the two occupants then fled on foot. Unknown to David – the wounded man, Henry Glover, reportedly, collapsed further down the street, was picked up by a passer-by in another vehicle and later died. The Indictment also alleged that at another police station where Glover's body was brought, other officers engaged in misconduct with which David was neither charged nor involved.


In February 2009, the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice commenced a year long investigation into the shooting which culminated in David's Indictment and arrest on one count of a civil rights violation and a second count of possession of a firearm during a crime of violence – i.e. murder. Threatened with the potential of a death sentence, David has been incarcerated since his June 2010 Indictment. In November 2010, he was tried along with other officers who were charged with unrelated misconduct at the other police station. The jury returned a compromise verdict of manslaughter against David.


This website has been created in order to educate the public as to the circumstances surrounding the shooting incident and David's subsequent trial, seeking support for David Warren and his family while he appeals his case to the higher courts.